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QTS (Quick Translation Services), where promptness is a core value that we achieve thanks to our consolidated knowledge of the industry, which allows us to be accurate, lean and flexible, delivering translations in the shortest time possible. Almost 25 years of experience in the field have allowed us to become acknowledged experts, responding to each of our clients’ individual needs, respecting their specific identity and know-how. The use of strict translation methods and consolidated practice allow us to optimise times and resources, thus avoiding mistakes and always providing the best performance.

STEFANIA CELLOT - Owner e Supervisor

“The experience gained directly on the market and long-standing collaboration with the big names in the furniture industry have allowed me to become proficient in its language style and vast terminology. My creativity and aesthetic attitude have led me to choose the furniture industry as my main field of work: craftmanship, the pursuit of beauty, care for detail, a passion for making things “to perfection” are qualities that I implement in my every-day translating activities, but are also an expression of my sensitivity and of my character that leads me to put excellence at the forefront.”